A Little About Me.

Born in Sistersville, WV, I grew up in Oak Hill, Ohio, and now reside in Ashland, KY. There were a few other cities and states in between each of those but those are the cornerstone locations.

Where I live now (Ashland, KY) is right where Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia all come together in a beautiful little spot commonly referred to as the Tri-State Area.

The path I took to get to where I am today is a bit untraditional. Here is my story.

Working In Sales

I’ve always had a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit about me. I liked the idea of writing my own paychekcs. I knew the two ways I could make that happen was to get a job in sales, earning commission, or owning my own business.

I started out in sales. I’ve sold damn near anything you can imagine. It started with telemarketing where I sold long distance plans and add-ons like caller ID. I’ve sold security systems, Kirby vaccuum cleaners, mobile homes, food door-to-door, and life & health insurance as a licensed insurance agent.

Started My Own Business

I decided to start my own business. After some research, I settled on a lawn care company.

I got a small loan and bought all of the equipment I needed.

I realized I needed a website but it was going to cost me more than I had left to get one built. I set out to build it myself.

Something crazy happened. I fell in love with learning to code! I knew this was what I wanted to do with my life.

I sold the lawn care company after a couple of years. In my spare time, I learned all I could about building websites and continued to get better at that.

Becoming A Developer

After selling my lawn care company, I got another sales job while I continued to build websites on the side. Once I had enough clients coming through the doors on a regular basis, I devoted all of my time to freelancing as a web developer. This was my primary source of income for several years and I was loving life.

One day, I got a job offer from a marketing agency to come aboard as a full stack web developer. Since I was a self-taught developer, I suffered badly from imposter syndrome. I took the job, just to prove to myself I could do it.

I learned that freelancing came with its own set of challenges and that stuck with me over the years.

Expanding Into Digital Marketing

For the next decade or so I worked for a total of 3 different marketing agencies. At each of them, I learned more and more about digital marketing, eventually being in charge of hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend for several companies.

I had learned a good deal about digital marketing during my freelancing reign as well.

I graduated to a job title of Director of Sales & Marketing in my second company, and Cheif Marketing Strategist at another.

Side Projects

While working these agency jobs, I always had some sort of side project going on, some platform I was building.

I also still had a love for freelancing. While I didn’t take on many freelancing jobs during this time, I helped mentor a few aspiring freelancers and really enjoyed seeing their success.

They faced some of the same struggles I remembered from freelancing. The first being that there wasn’t a lot of information out there on how to become a successful freelancer and the second being the cost of the tools needed to run your business could get quite expensive.

I dreamed about helping out with this for years. Finally, I decided to build a platform that would address these two issues. Enter Grolancer, The Freelancers’ Growth Platform.

Grolancer is a free/low-cost platform that offers freelancers all of the tools they need to run their freelancing businesses. There is also a blog that is full of great information and resources to help them learn the things it took me YEARS to learn. I’m still constantly improving this platform.

Furthuring My Education In Digital Marketing

Since I was gaining more and more marketing tasks and responsibilities, I decided to learn absolutely everything I could about digital marketing.

I have this thing inside me where I always want to be the absolute best at anything I am doing in life so I honed my skills so I could be the biggest asset I could be to the clients I served.

I obtained several certifications during this time and learned to absolutely love data. See, marketing is a mix between an art and a science. It is an art in the sense of you can get creative with your advertising but you back that up with science, the raw data that analytics gives you.

My Own Agency

I reached a point where I’d felt I’d outgrown the agency I was with and decided to start my own marketing agency. That is when Tech Touch Marketing was born. I took Huntington Web Solutions, my freelancing company I’d worked under for years, put together a team of professionals, and sort of rebranded.

At Tech Touch Marketing, we take a bit of a different approach than most traditional agencies do.

We don’t look at the folks we work with as “clients” in the traditional sense. They are our “partners”.

We don’t simply sell services and try to sell as many as possible to keep the cash flowing. We work more on a retainer or subscription type of model. We don’t nickel and dime our partners to death with, “Well, this took us XX hours so the cost is $XXXX. We are your partner. You have an entire marketing team as an extension of your business and we do absolutely everything needed in the way of digital marketing.

We are truly invested in your success!

We also don’t require a business to sign a long-term contract. We always operate month-to-month. I decided early on that we would let our work speak for itself.

We bust our asses every day to continue to earn your business. The way I see it is this: If you aren’t happy working with us, why should we force you to continue doing so? It would just be awkward for both of us.

If we continue to provide value, you’ll continue to want to work with us. Right? So we don’t need to trap you with a contract. We let our work speak for itself.

Further Questions

As you can see, this isn’t your typical path most people would take to get to where I am today. I beleive my unique experiences do give me an advantage over my competitors as I see things through a different lens.

I’ve included the highlighted version of my history above, but if you have any more questions, I’m just an email away.