Shame On Who?

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Just a day or two ago I saw a post on my Facebook feed. I can’t remember exactly how it was worded but it went something like this:

“If your wife has to ask you how much is left on the credit card before she goes shopping, you’re failing.”

This isn’t uncommon. I see a lot of posts with similar messages. It’s the same mentality as the “Hustle Culture” type of people, you know, the ones that will work for 18 hours a day for a week and wear that as a badge of honor.

That’s an entirely different subject though so I won’t even get started on that. But, how are you going to try to shame someone for not having as much as you?

Sure, we should all be striving for a bigger and better future, including financially. I think most of us are. But to SHAME someone for not having as much money as you is so childish.

It shows an elitist attitude and immediately lowers any respect I may have once had for you.

So who does the shame really fall on here? The person that doesn’t have an unlimited supply of money or the person with the “better-than-you” attitude? I think the latter. 

So shame on YOU, Mr. elitist. Shame on you for trying to make someone less fortunate than you feel some type of way about it. Shame on you for still having the playground attitude of “Ha-ha ha-ha ha. I have something better than you.”

We are adults now. I thought we’d outgrown those tactics and attitudes. I thought we’d learned how great it feels to reach out a hand and help pull others up with you rather than ridicule them for not climbing the ladder as fast as you.

It still shocks me to see other adults acting this way. It’s shamefull. 


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